50% des nouveaux expatriés quittent prématurément la Chine

Voici un article intéressant, mettant en lumière les difficultés d’une expatriation. Cela n’est pas toujours facile de s’adapter à un autre environnement et de se trouver une place  professionnelle et sociale mais aussi et surtout un sens à cette nouvelle vie.

Almost half of new expatriates leave China early because they have difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle, a consultancy firm said.

China Transition Institute (CTI) president David Israel-Rosen said most foreigners are unprepared for what life will be like when they arrive in China.

« It is moving from the West to the East, » he said. « It is not like moving from Chicago to Denver. »

« If you look at the literature, between 30 percent and 50 percent of expats go home early. The failure rates are astonishing. »

« These are very real issues and they do have a significant impact, » Kahn said. « It is very hard to ever fit in fully and that can cause lots of serious problems, » he said.

Jessa Parkman, a 28-year-old nurse who recently arrived in Beijing from Baltimore said she misses her family and is worried about losing job skills she spent years acquiring if she cannot find a similar position here in Beijing.

« It is very debilitating to be at home and not be so independent, » Parkman said. « I just feel very helpless at times and very dependent on other people. It is a struggle to get my bearings. »

Last Saturday, Parkman and her husband attended expat boot camp, which is run by the CTI, and offers basic survival training for expatriates.

Cheryl Smith, a psychologist with International SOS China, said spouses of executives who have been assigned to China can have the hardest time adjusting.

« They feel a big emptiness and imbalance, » Smith said. « I see a lot of alcoholism with expat women. I see a lot of depression. I see anxiety disorders and lots of marital issues. »

« There are many who have marital issues, » Smith said. « They don’t have enough time with their partner and there are also lots of infidelity issues that I see. »

50% of new expats leave China early

Jasmine Keel, managing director of Inspired, a Beijing-based life and transition support company, said it is important to find an outlet for frustrations.

« It is hard when the spouse used to have a very strong professional identity. Maybe she was working so she had a professional world. Maybe she also had a very strong circle of friends so basically when she moved a lot of the world that she had disappeared, » she said.

Helen Zhang, co-author of « Think Like Chinese, » which explains Chinese thought and business culture from a Chinese perspective, said: « When you communicate with the Chinese, if you are open-minded and observant, there are clues you can pick up ».

« There are many ways for Chinese to say ‘no’ even including ‘yes,' » Zhang said. « We think totally differently. »

Israel-Rosen said the CTI would expand the workshop to a week-long boot camp offered in a number of Chinese cities as well as abroad sometime early next year.

« There is nothing fancy about what we are talking about, » Israel-Rosen said. «  »We are talking about basic survival. »

Source:  Lara Farrar (China Daily)


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